I am so happy to share Sara and Matt’s sneak peek of their Boylston Rooms Wedding! It is so wonderful when I get to photograph a couple at their engagement session before their wedding. It gives us some of the same directing vocabularies and I find the couples are more comfortable being photographed.

Let’s hear about their Boylston Rooms wedding from Sara and Matt.

August 21, 2021

Matt’s best friend messaged me on Facebook pretending to be Matt and then Matt ended up taking over the conversation and asked me out on a date we end up going to Friendly’s for our first date

We went on a quad ride with my family up a mountain on top of the mountain was a huge rock that we got to climb on top of the rock he asked me to marry him

I don’t think either of us have a favorite moment of the wedding I think we both enjoyed all of it every aspect of it and we can’t wait to see the photos of them of the little things that we missed or looked over with how busy we were the day of

5 years

Overall I think the wedding experience was very nice it wasn’t too crazy I think it was normal stress normal anxiety everything kind of fell into place there’s a few bumps in the road that I wish we had noticed then so it could’ve been fixed but nothing to die or that it would have ruined our day

It may be stressful planning your wedding, but in the end, it is all worth it

I got my wedding dress at a place called wedding dreams in West Springfield mass. I had tried it on it was the second dress I tried on loved it still went and tried on summer dresses went back-and-forth to the dress three other times before we all decided that this was the dress

Going in when we looked at photographers Greg Wass was one of the very first photographers I found and was like OK I want him to photograph our wedding. The day of the wedding it was Greg Maas and two other photographers there as well helping him out. They were great photographers that I have looked into when we were doing the interview process. …….Overall though I am so glad that we had three photographers to be able to take pictures of everything that was going on in the wedding and I can’t wait to see how the photos come out overall it was an amazing experience

We did not see each other the day of until I walked down the isle.

Walking down the isle

Make sure your detail oriented make sure you stick up for what you want and not what the social normal is it is your wedding day and how you want your wedding day to be it shouldn’t matter what anybody else says is normal or not be unique in your own wedding day unique in the way that you want things and stick up for what you want when it’s your day

Let’s take a sneak peek at the photos from Sara and Matt’s Boylston rooms wedding day.

Other wedding professionals that made their day a success.

DJ Rob Alberti

Honey Hair and Makeup