I am so excited to share Amanda and Jared’s Union Station Wedding.  A wonderful wedding day!

October 29, 2023

We met in middle school! We became friends when the other kids at that time went to Washington D.C for a week long field trip and we stayed in school that week. We then dated freshman year of high school, split after a few months, but remained friends. We then started dating again in 2019!

Jared and Amanda went to Berkshire East for a fun, fall date. They went on the mountain coasters and walked around. Unfortunately, finding a private place on the mountain was almost impossible. Jared then drove Amanda to a nearby corn maze. A corn maze was where they had their first date all the way back in their freshman year of high school. Jared then tried finding a private moment to pop the question in the maze, but Amanda wouldn’t stop for anything… She was too focused on the scavenger hunt. Finally, Jared found a overlook a few miles down the road and stopped. While walking down to the river, Jared tripped on wet grass and fell down. After a few minutes of talking, taking pictures, and laughing about his now dirty jeans, Jared asked Amanda to marry him. She said yes despite her nails being themed after a dance party she went to the night before.

We both really enjoyed the first look. That set forward the good energy for the rest of the day!

Over 4 years!

It was a very busy day where time flew by but we enjoyed being surrounded by all of our loved ones.

Keep it small! The most important thing to remember is that the day is about you two celebrating with your loved ones and those important to you.

Hire Greg Moss! Also, definitely allow for more photo time than you think you need. Greg was great at keeping us on track.

It made me feel like a fairy princess! I found it at Wedding Dreams in West Springfield. I found a lot of inspiration photos of the style that I wanted. I brought my sister who can always be honest with me.

Fantastic! We had a lot of last minute delays/change in schedule and Greg kept the vibes happy and calm!

We did a first look and both of us greatly enjoyed it. It gave us a nice, special moment where we could just enjoy eachothers company before the busy day ahead of us.

Both sides of the wedding party were made aware of the general schedule. They all understood the assignment!

For girls, bring sneakers for the dance floor after the ceremony! For guys, bring an extra stick of deodorant and an extra shirt, just in case!

Neil Gadbois from Union Station was incredible! He helped us plan every step. Seeing Neil work was fantastic. He seemed like a one-man machine setting up the sweetheart table, the arch where we got married, and more. We couldn’t recommend him enough! The rest of the staff were perfect as well!
Mauro from La Fiorentina in Springfield helped us make our cake choices very easily. He was very helpful with any questions we had. He made the cake EXACTLY like the reference photos we wanted.

Make spreadhseets and live by your calendar! Appontments are important! Cushion your time as much as you can. Getting a drink or even going to the bathroom as the bride/groom became a 30 minute endeavor.

We had a great pork tenderloin, balsamic chicken, a huge clam bake, and stuffed portabella mushrooms.

Our first song was Sycamore Tree by The Hunna
Now let’s take a sneak peak at their wedding photos!