Salem Cross Inn weddings with the rustic barn feel and gorgeous outdoor ceremonies. Located in the heart of Western Ma.

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Salem Cross Inn weddings are surrounded by scenic views, tasty food, and great service.

Your wedding day is something that you’ve dreamed about since you were tugging on your mother’s apron strings… What your gown would look like, who your guests will be. Down to the flowers in your bouquet or even the words for your ceremony. Perhaps you pictured a ride in a horse-drawn carriage out in the beautiful countryside of New England. The Salem Cross Inn offers a unique and memorable experience that can help to make your childhood dreams of a lovely country wedding become a reality.

Salem Cross Inn Wedding photographer

Planning a wedding can be quite overwhelming.  In contrast with the help of the Salem Cross Inn’s experienced coordinators, they can guide you through the entire process. They can cover anything you will need help with, from the ceremony to the reception, including the room you will get prepared in, the gorgeous backdrops for your wedding photos, and a cozy room to retire to when it is all over. The Salem Cross inn’s friendly and efficient staff will tend to every detail on your special day to make it as stress-free as possible.

The Salem Cross Inn can accommodate up to  200 people in their barn and loft. While smaller weddings find a comfortable setting in one of their more intimate rooms in the house. Therefore they are able to take care of your wedding day experience no matter the number of guests you plan on inviting.  

There are so many reasons to choose the Salem Cross Inn for your weddings, here is just a few of them.

  1. You can have all your wedding day events at the Salem Cross Inn. Getting ready in their bridal suite having your hair and makeup done with all your bridesmaids. Your outdoor ceremony with the beautifully kept garden and rolling hills in the background. Your reception in the rustic, charming and authentic antique post and beam barn and loft.
  2. The food is amazing! Starting with their delicious freshly baked rolls to their famous prime rib, and I realize most people favor their prime rib I am in love with the Salmon preparation. Oh yea, not sure you are a cake person, ask them about their apple pie with the big bowl of whipped cream. Once you have it you’ll know why there are voted best apple pie in New England!
  3. The scenery is breathtaking. This opens up so many opportunities for creating gorgeous photos all throughout your wedding day. In other words, you can rest assured you are going to receive beautiful photos you will cherish and share for a lifetime. See below photos for just a few examples.

To sum it all up your Salem Cross Inn wedding will meet and exceed your expectations for your wedding day.

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