incredible engagement photo on spillway bridge at Quabbin Reservoir

Tip 1

Location, Location, Location

Things to consider: 

Look for a location that has a special meaning to the two of you. It could be a first date, where you first met, or just somewhere you love going together. You could incorporate something you love to do together into the location. Love wine tasting how about a vineyard. Share a love for coffee, set up a session a local coffee shop.

Consider the time of year. Do you want to capture the amazing New England Foliage? Then let’s stay away from the urban landscape and find an amazing view when the leaves turn color. Also since there is a busy time of year of wedding and engagement photographers book them early for a fall session.

Do you want more than one location, then pick locations that are not too far apart.

Bonus tip on locations: Find out in advance if the locations you choose require a permit for your engagement session. If they do find out if the permit is transferable in case you need to reschedule for any reason.

Tip 2

Think  Out Of The Box….

Bring some props, think of an activity or a theme. Having some inspiration to build a session around makes it so much fun but most of all unique to the two of you.  Champagne, blankets, save the date signs, when it comes down to it, anything that is special to one or both of you can be an awesome prop. An old classic car, guitar, or anything that signifies an activity you both do together.

Think of your favorite books, movie, pastime, or any crazy idea. Trust me no idea is too crazy.

Have a pet or a child you love, bring them along! Keep in mind the session is mainly about the two of you so you’ll want to bring along someone to take care of them when they are not involved in the photos.

Engagement couple drinking beer
Incredible photo of an engaged couple in front of a double waterfall

Tip 3

Consider Having Your hair and Makeup Done by a Professional

It’s a great way to get to know the hair/makeup artist for your wedding.

This can make you feel more confident and beautiful, which will show through in your photos!

This is also a great time to have a trial run and to see how wedding day hair/makeup will photograph and if you may want any adjustments made for your big day.

Tip 4

Look Hot!

Yes, you have permission. Go shopping, have fun! You are going to have these photos forever and they document such an important part of your story together.

You’re allowed to be a hot couple!

Most couples bring a couple of outfits, but here are some tips on choosing which ones to bring. Whatever you pick for your session, make sure you are comfortable in it. Stay true to who you are, don’t wear 4-inch Stiletto heels if you live and die by cute flats.

 Things to avoid: Logos/graphics/ text on clothing. This is mostly geared towards the fellas, and there aren’t many exceptions to this one. Make sure your clothes are too baggy. If your clothes are too baggy you’ll look bigger than you are and nobody wants that.

Being too matchy-matchy. This might go without saying but you both don’t need to show up in matching green polos and jeans.

Also, consider the general style you’re both going for, guys – this means that if she’s wearing a chic cocktail dress and heels, you should reconsider your cargo shorts and flip flops.


Jeans – for whatever reason, jeans tend to photography really well.

Cute dresses, if you’re comfortable in dresses and have a few you love (or want an excuse to go out and shop), brightly colored dresses are a great option. Bright solid colors can really help to separate you from the background.


Feel free to bring a variety of jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, belts, or hats. We don’t have to use them, especially if you’re the kind of person that usually keeps it pretty simple with accessories, but it doesn’t hurt to bring it just in case.

Elegantly dressed couple dipping at sunset with purple smoke
Stunning photo of a couple dipping in hanks meadow Quabbin reservoir with a pretty white and yellow flower dress

Tip 5

Relax, have fun and trust your photographer

Okay, so I saved the biggest tip for last! Even if you have ignored all of the other tips this one will save your session!!

Don’t worry about how amazing the photos will be from your session, just show up to your session with the goal to relax and have fun. Your engagement session is all about having fun and enjoying your time together.

This is a great time to cuddle with each other and be yourselves. If you are normally a little quirky and love to laugh then go with it.

You more than likely have taken your time to research your photographer and hired the one that has a style that reached your heart in one way or another.

Keep in mind some of the poses that look incredible in the camera feel totally awkward. Just listen to and trust your photographer.

I have spent many years learning how to easily direct you during your session so you both look incredible.

If you have hired an experienced photographer they will be able to guide you through the process while keeping you relaxed and having fun.