I am ecstatic to bring you another amazing Log Cabin wedding. Kasey and Malko had just beautiful weather for their wedding. It was priceless to hear their son(the ring bearer) walk down the aisle saying “have you seen the rings? My mom is gonna kill me”.

August 28, 2021

We met at work. I was a new employee at the hospital we worked together at, and during my Orientation I kept seeing him walk by and I kept secretly hoping we would work on the same unit together. Turns out we did and I would be scheduled the same exact days and times as him!

He bought matching sweatshirts with my young son on which his read “mommy will you…” and my husbands said “marry me?” And they had them on for when I got home From work one night and completely surprised me!

Seeing all our guests get together and out on the dance floor having a great time! Also, loved all our speeches I cried during every single one!

3 years

So much fun!! Just enjoy each moment as you’re in it.

Don’t worry about the small details. My husband forgot his bow tie and his Boutonnière was upside down during the ceremony but it made me laugh and at ease which helped to calm my anxiety which I’m actually glad happened so I could enjoy the moment instead of stressing.

Listen to your photographer and just be natural, Don’t try to be too stiff as it will show in the photos.

I came in with a dress in mind, which was mermaid, lace, and buttons on the back. They pulled four dresses and I fell in love with the third dress and knew it hit every box on my Checklist. Penny Jane Bridal in Millbury!

Greg and his crew were great. They were funny, easy going, and you could barley notice they were there. I remember asking at one point “did you guys take the picture yet ?” Because their cameras have a quiet shutter feature that you couldn’t hear the typical picture taking noise! They remembered all the shots I wanted to take and were quick and got them Done with no hesitations!

We did not see or talk to each other at all the day of the Wedding which made it that much better walking down the aisle. I couldn’t stop smiling seeing him down there and I was happy he didn’t leave me at the altar lol!

Read the tips that the photographer sends you and have a plan of who and what you want your pictures of!

I told them ahead of time that I wanted individual shots with each of them as well as some group photos and they were on top of it and so supportive !

The Log Cabin in Holyoke was amazing to work with ! They had everything ready to go and were calm and collective and rolled with last minute changes like it wasn’t an issue at all. They made everything so effortless and easy!
Hair was Finally Lisa’s Hair Salon from Southbridge Ma and they were amazing!! We had five people getting their hair done and they arrived around 9 am and had all of us done and completed by 11:30 am!’ They we’re kind, professional, and organized. They didn’t waste any time and made sure that we all were happy with our hair (which we were) our hair all stayed all night long with no issues! Everyone kept commenting how my hair was still as perfect at 11:30 pm as it was at 11:30 am!
Makeup- Danielle Perry, she was on time, professional, kind, and organized. She arrived on time and took each person’s makeup very seriously as she made sure we each had enough time for her to put her best into her work for each of us. So easy going as we got her off her schedule but she didn’t let it bother her and continuously checked in with me as the bride to make sure I was happy and pleased with everything which I so was!
Let’s take a look at a sneak peek of their photos.