I am so lucky to work with the best couples! Lindsey and Richard are just the nicest couple and their Log Cabin Wedding photos are looking incredible.

I appreciate couples like Lindsey and Richard sharing their wedding day story with me and all of you. Let’s hear about their day!

June 26, 2021

Match.com! One date and it was history!

We went up to one of our favorite restaurants in Northampton for what I believed was a normal date night. We had a delicious dinner as always, and on our way to one to a cocktail lounge, while it was gently snowing, he said, ‘ I actually have a serious question for you’ and knelt down on one knee! I was totally blown away and surprised, so it was great!

For Richard, it was when he saw me turn the corner and start to come down the aisle :))) For Lindsey it was coming down the aisle, and the dances.

5 years this July

It was perfect! All of our vendors were amazing and made the day magical. From getting ready with the girls to putting the dress on, and walking down that aisle despite a small rain delay— everything was meant to be!

Consider a sweetheart table so you can spend some time together the day of! We both agree that was one of our best choices for the day. Budget and keep to it— and don’t sweat the small stuff. Do a little bit at a time and utilize a website like the knot to help keep yourself organized.

Relax and let Greg and Lesley work their magic! Getting photographed was one of the least stressful parts of the wedding as we knew we were in good hands. Enjoy it!

I had visited a bridal boutique in Greenfield but ultimately wasn’t feeling any of the dresses I tried on, so I ended up at Pearl Bridal Boutique in Holyoke, MA . I’m so glad I kept my appt! The dress was the third one I tried on and just felt made for me. The lace and beautiful train made me feel like a princess.

Absolutely amazing! When it started to rain when the ceremony was about to start, Greg was right there with the radar for Richard to help make the best choice! (And the shower passed so everything was fine) Greg puts everybody at ease and makes things fun! He’s so chill and doesn’t add any stress to the day.

No— we felt it would be special for us to see each other at the ceremony and it was!

Trust Greg in that he’ll make you look good! :)

All of our vendors outdid themselves and I would highly recommend them!

Etsy was great for bridesmaid gifts and favors! Highly recommend!! I highly recommend Pearl Bridal Boutique for all your wedding dress needs!

I didn’t have any anxiety until the last ten minutes before the walk down the aisle— since the outcome was being married to my amazing husband, I knew it would all work out!

Choose Greg as your photographer ;) But seriously, take the time to research your vendors and choose the people that are the best fit for you as a couple. We interviewed a few vendors for each vendor we needed, and despite the time it took to do so, we have no regrets as all of our vendors were amazing!!
Let’s see a sneak peek of Lindsey and Richard’s Log Cabin Wedding Photos