I am so thrilled to share Nadia and Michael’s Grand View Wedding that was photographed in Mendon Ma. Like a lot of other couples, Nadia and Michael got married in 2020 but saved their celebration for 2021.

Let’s hear about their spectacular wedding from the two of them!

July 03, 2021

Assumption college!

In Portland Maine right in front of a beautiful lighthouse!

Taking pictures in the rain and enjoying those small moments of romance! Dancing on the dance floor! Just being with all of our friends and family!

7 years

It was filled with love, joy, and happiness! We had so much fun ripping it on the dance floor!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t get lost in the small tiny details and lose sight of why you are here in the first place. Everything has a way of working out, and it’s best to let things roll off your shoulders and enjoy every single moment.

To just have fun with it! Don’t overthink it, just try and enjoy it. It was raining on our day, but we just made the best of it and actually had a lot of fun taking pictures in the rain!

My dress was a mermaid style with a small poof at the bottom. It was beautiful with beads and lace. I got it from Ve’Lace Bridal in Bellingham (they are amazing!). It was the first dress I tried on and I knew it was the one because every time I would try on another dress I would always go back to the first one. It made me feel beautiful but also made me feel like myself.

My husband and I truly enjoyed our time taking photos with Greg! He is so kind and patient. The poses he was coming up with were amazing! We had to have our ceremony inside because of the rain and Greg totally went with it and came up with all these romantic poses indoors that I would have never thought of! He also was a huge trooper taking photos with us outside in the rain. He was very prepared and have very good direction so we knew what we were doing.

We did a first look before the ceremony, mostly because we already were married during COVID and this was just our vow renewal and party. I liked being able to see my husband before the ceremony though. We got to get a lot of photos in beforehand and it made me feel calmer already being in his presence.

Our bridal party was totally great, especially with taking pictures outside in the rain. They went with the flow. I think because my husband and I really set the tone. We acted excited and appreciated and flexible so the bridal party matched our energy.

Extra deodorant, bobby pins, hair spray, lip gloss/chapstick.

Gary Jones was a great DJ! He has worked closely with Greg too-so they were an amazing team! Gary does live guitar as well which was fun and a nice romantic vibe during cocktail hour and the ceremony.
Andre Rocke (Fourkvideos) was amazing as well!!! He was so funny and made everything feel easy and natural. I loved his energy and he was catching everything on video!!!

I was definitely most anxious that it would rain haha and it did! But the rain actually made everything even more fun and all that more special!

Make sure that you chose vendors who are talented but also kind human beings. I picked all my vendors based off of their talent, but the final choice when I was between some people were their personalities. All my vendors were kind, gently, and very easy going people. That was important to me. I would also suggest not to get caught up in all the small details. No one remembers what colors bridesmaids dresses you picked, or what color the napkins were. People remember the energy of the wedding and if it was fun. You and your husband set that energy and se that tone.

Delicious beef, chicken, and salmon. We also had great appetizers and a gelato bar which was a hit!

Husband and Wife- La Vie En Rose Father-daughter- medley of I hope you dance, The Twist, Staying Alive, Jump on It
Now let’s take a sneak peek at their Grand View Wedding!