I am so excited to bring you Stephanie and Corey’s winter wedding!


It was so incredible to see everyone make it through the snow and blizzard-like conditions.


Let’s hear about their wedding day from Stephanie and Corey.


On the day we closed on our house he painted ‘will you marry me’ on pumpkins.

The first touch and reading our personal vows privately in front of our best man, matron of honor, and my cousin.

It’ll be 10 years in August

It truly was a winter wonderland with the snowstorm. Everything was so perfect and it went off without a hitch despite the weather. Our wedding was everything I could have hoped for and more.

Be willing to splurge on some things that are really important to you. Try not to worry about unwanted advise or opinions. It’s about you and your fiancé. Take lots of pictures throughout the wedding planning process. It’s fun being able to look back on those memories.

Narrow down your search on photographers and see who you have a good rapport with and who can deliver your vision. Being willing to spend money on your photographer. After all, they’re responsible for capturing those precious memories.

I got my dress at Penny Jane Bridal in Milbury, Ma. I had custom long sleeves made for my dress to fit my winter wonderland theme. It’s champagne/ivory and covered in sparkler and detail.

It was great! I didn’t feel like there were any hiccups throughout the day.

We did a first touch before the ceremony. It was one of my favorite memories of the night. My fiancé didn’t want to do a first look so instead we did the first touch. It was very intimate and a special keepsake.

Have a list of photos that are a must-have for you and create the list throughout your wedding planning process and keep a running list.

Have someone in your bridal party who is good at giving direction and not afraid to tell people where to go and what the group is doing. It made a big difference for us when taking pictures at the church.

Static guard!

Penny Jane Bridal in Milbury, Ma was a hidden gem! I got my dress from here, the prices are fair, the staff is great, and they offer a 1 on 1 experience for the bride.

I was most anxious about the snow. All of our vendors were on time and we were on time for the ceremony which was a better outcome than could have been expected.

Use a Microsoft excel spreadsheet to keep track of your budget, vendors, guest list, and all other things needed to help you stay on track with planning your wedding. Take lots of pictures throughout the entire process to look back on with your significant other.

Buffet style: prime rib, honey ham, chicken cordon bleu and numerous sides

“I cross my heart” by George Strait Mother/ daughter “her” by Anne Marie Mother/son “letters to my mother”
Now let’s take a sneak peek at their Mill 1 wedding photos.