I am so excited to share Alyssa and Joe’s Ellingwood Country Club Wedding!

What a spectacular day and an incredible love story. Let’s find out more from Alyssa and Joe.

June 11, 2021

We first met in 7th grade at school.

Joe texted me at work and insisted on going to Yankee Candle after work (it was November and it was decorated for Christmas, our favorite holiday). We met at a halfway point and rode up together once I was out of work. Poor Joe was nervous and I didn’t know so I had made him stop at the gas station because I was hungry and needed a snack, I also had him wait in the truck with me while I finished eating my snack when we got there and he just wanted to get inside so he could ask me!

Joey: seeing Alyssa and my dad “boogie down” together on the dance floor, and our first look. Alyssa: I would have to say our first look and after the ceremony walking away from the altar, at that point the nerves were gone and it felt like we could just party now!

10 years “officially” (and married for almost 6 months already!)

It is a whirlwind. It’s like we went from getting ready in the morning with a couple of hours of just relaxing to all of a sudden getting myself ready and dressed and giving gifts etc! It was great, and such a long wait for us. We had a blast!

Hire photographers (and videographers) to capture your day. It truly goes by so fast and there are so many parts that I had missed as a bride (for example, my brother being the flower “dude” because I had to stay out of sight!). Do not sweat the small stuff, and have a great support system with you on your day, you will need help with changing shoes, let’s be honest hitting the restroom with all of that wedding gown!, and just overall making sure anything that may go “wrong” gets fixed. It will be beautiful in the end!

Give yourself enough time to do things! You want to stay on schedule and be able to hit all of the things you put on your questionnaire. Which brings me to the next thing-take your time and be detailed on the questionnaire. You will get caught up in the moment on the day and having your photographer have your detailed list will ensure you capture the moments you want. On the other hand, don’t be SO detailed and rigid there’s no room/time left for other ideas or moments, let your photographer have some creative flexibility too, this is what they do for a living!

I bought my dress 2 and a half years ago (thanks COVID) at the bridal barn, when they were having their closing sale. I went by myself the day before they closed to just see what they had for shoes and accessories. The woman who owned it convinced me to try a few on and after 2 I tried on “my” dress and called my mom and had her leave work to help me! I couldn’t commit that night so we went back early the next morning, I walked into the store and saw a gorgeous gown on a mannequin and told my mom “see! This is why I can’t commit, I only tried on 4 dresses and look at this one, it’s gorgeous, I didn’t try it on.” After a few more seconds I realized that was MY dress and I bought it on the spot!

We had a great experience working with you and with Lesley! You were flexible as we had some things change and so calm and professional. You told us exactly what we needed to do and how to pose to get the best result. Lesley was so personable and kind, always helping me to gather my whole dress (it was A LOT of dress). You guys were so fun and easy to work with, we really had a great experience!

We already were married before this bigger wedding because of COVID. We definitely wanted to do a first look to get the jitters out and have a moment to ourselves to really just be and see each other all dolled up. I highly recommend a first look to everyone!

Be yourself, make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing and have people around that can help floof your dress and hold your flowers haha! If not, Greg and his team will be there too!

Tell them the plan ahead of time, let them know you have a set schedule and everyone needs to stay around (not wander off all the time). Our wedding party was great at being where they needed to be exactly when they needed to be there, which was perfect. Otherwise, it’s like herding cats.

Comfy shoes, have your “details” put together in a box ready to go.

Majesstic Entertainment was our DJ, he was phenomenal and so helpful all throughout. I HIGHLY recommend him and his team 1,000 times over! Winchendon MA. Facebook: Majesstic Entertainment
Adria Lowry Unique Floral Design– most beautiful flowers I have ever seen! I’ve used her for multiple events but the wedding flowers were out of this world. Everyone commented and asked for her card! Facebook: Adria Lowry Unique Floral Design
Food: Gardner Ale House Great to work with Stacey and so accommodating! Food was delicious and on time, fantastic!

You probably will bicker over planning,but don’t let it become bigger than that. It’s about you guys and your love, don’t lose sight of that!

First dance: can’t help falling in love Hailey Reinhardt cover Father/daughter: you’ll Always be my baby- Alan Jackson Mother/son: Fleetwood Mac: landslide
Let’s take a sneak peek at Alyssa and Joe’s Ellinwood Country Club Wedding Photos.