I think it is about time I post some photos from Corie and Gary’s engagement session at Quabbin since I already photographed their wedding.  Which was amazing by the way, but I will post more on that soon!


How did the two of you meet?
I worked for Gary as a secretary while in Nursing school. We knew each other for a couple of years before we started dating.

Quabbin engagement photos

Love this Idea!

How long did you date before you got engaged?
2 years

Quabbin engagement photos


What was the Date you got engaged?
Dec 24th, 2014

Quabbin engagement photos
Tell us about the proposal. Please be as descriptive as possible.
Gary gathered all of our closest friends and family on Christmas Eve. He gave me gifts to open, and the last was a box, wrapped in a box, in other box, and so on. The last box was an empty ring box. I looked at him with a puzzled look. He then said, “
are you looking for this?” He got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him in true Gary fashion. He said I was the only one who could put up with him!

Quabbin engagement photos

What was your immediate thought/reaction when he or she asked for your hand in marriage?
I was excited, and kind of shocked. I remember shaking like crazy!

Quabbin engagement photos

What was the most memorable part of the proposal?
All of the boxes I had to unwrap to get to the ring box…they were all dirty and gross from his business. I was NOT expecting a beautiful ring!

Westen Massachusetts engagement photography

Tell us about the ring/band. Please be as descriptive as possible.
My ring is absolutely perfect, and I was amazed that he choose exactly what I wanted. We had never discussed rings before, so I was quite surprised. He spent a few months creating several different rings with the jeweler, and kept saying none of them were “sparkly enough”. The jeweler called him one day and told him he had the perfect stone. Its an antique from an estate. They placed the large diamond in a halo setting with two bands of smaller diamonds. I receive compliments on it nearly everyday!

WEdding ring photo

Wow what a ring!

Why did you choose this particular location for your engagement shoot?
We knew we wanted outdoor photos, and the Quabbin is gorgeous, and has so many different locations.

Quabbin engagement photos

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