Rachel and Dave’s Warfield House Inn Wedding.

What a spectacular wedding venue Rachel and Dave choose for their Warfield House Inn wedding!

Let’s hear all about their wedding day from Rachel and Dave.

We met playing slow pitch softball

He asked me to marry him when we went on a trip to Niagara Falls together

My favorite moments was walking around the corner and seeing his face for the first time, the beautiful mountains covered in mist, getting to see how happy and smiling everyone one. Just the overall whole day was amazing!

5 years exactly on our wedding day

Amazing, it was so much fun and a big celebration just how we wanted it.

Don’t stress. In the end the small details won’t matter and all you will remember is all your family and friends that came to celebrate with you. Also eat the food you payed for! enjoy the moment because it will be over so quickly.

Take a good amount of photos but also enjoy your wedding. Take photos at your reception with all your guests. Try not to disappear from your wedding for a long time because it will be over before you know it.

I got my dress at Bridal Corner in Chicopee, MA. I tried on about every dress they had in the store and nothing really felt right to me and then i tried on my wedding dress last and i instantly fell in love with it. It was nothing like what i envisioned myself in but once i saw it on i knew it was the one. The way it fit my body was perfect and i loved all the sparkles and small details.

It was great! Greg is an amazing photographer who knows what hes doing. He moved everyone to wear they needed to be but also let us choose our own photos and places we wanted to take pictures. He makes you feel so comfortable and hes fun to work with.

We did not see each other before the wedding. The last time i saw him was about 10 pm on Friday night when we had the rehearsal. I’m so happy i did not see him before because i loved his natural raw reaction when i walked down the aisle and I’m so happy that everyone else at the ceremony got to share that moment with us.

Don’t smile all day before your photographer shows up because your smiling muscles are gonna get tired haha. Be confident and happy with yourself and how you look and that will show in your photos. Take in every little moment.

My wedding party was super excite for photos. I just told them ahead of time that there will be a lot of smiling and photos and they where just as excited as i was. We all got cute matching robes for some fun pictures

Bring the essentials so you don’t have a ton of stuff clogging up your getting ready space. I packed comfy clothes, and just the essentials that i need like deodorant (can’t forget that!) perfume and face wash so my face was clean and ready for makeup.

Seth Mias was our caterer and his food was amazing and hes amazing to work with! also the Warfield House Inn as a venue is great. Katy Williams the venue coordinator there makes sure you have everything you need an answer all of your millions of questions with a smile on her face. Also the mountain views at that place are great.

I used etsy for alot of our wedding decorations. We decided to go with fake flowers and did a DIY wedding. we got all the centerpiece flowers at the dollar store and then bought mason jars and spray painted them. I also ordered stuff on amazon.

I was mostly nervous about the weather. I didn’t want it to pour. Luckily it only sprinkle a little bit and it all worked out in the end. Other than that i wasn’t really nervous about anything else. Just happy and excited!

Have fun with it. It is only one day and you don’t want to spend it stressed out. Also the Knot app helped me alot to make a checklist of everything i needed. Overall take in every little planning moment and enjoy it.