Today I am so thrilled to bring you Isabel and Oliver’s Union Station Wedding Photography

Every love story is distinct, brimming with its unique moments and intimate memories. Isabel and Oliver, an enchanting couple who vowed their eternal love at the majestic Union Station in Northampton, have generously decided to pull back the curtain and share some details about their journey together and their unforgettable wedding day.

Getting ready began at the Springfield Marriott, setting the scene for the beautiful moments that would unfold. From their endearing first encounter at a Spanish Language Meetup in Cambridge to the romantic proposal at Del Frisco’s in Seaport, join us as we dive deep into their love tale. With each question, we gain a little more insight into their world, their choices, and the memories they cherish most from August 26, 2023.

August 26, 2023

We met at the Spanish Language Meetup in Cambridge.

Oliver proposed during dinner at Del Frisco’s restaurant in Seaport.

For Isabel it was the ceremony. For Oliver his favorite moment was the first dance with Isabel.

It was fantastic.

Plan the wedding together, and make sure you enjoy the wedding.

Isabel found the dress online, she loved how unique it was, made in the Ukraine. She went to pick it up in New York city and only needed minor alterations.

Working with Greg was great, we felt comfortable and very professional.

Did not see each other before the wedding, and we are happy we did it that way. It was better seeing each other at the ceremony all dressed up.

Have the items for the detail shots prepared for the Photographer the day of. Will save time while getting ready.

Just told them when to be dressed up / ready and where to meets with us.

Absolute Entertainment – DJ – He was fantastic! Acted as our wedding event manager during our reception to ensure things went smooth or to adjust for the timeline needed. Kept us informed as the reception progressed what the next step was in the Timeline. The music he played was amazing and adjusted to songs even though he did not know Spanish. We received many compliments on the music from guests.

We bought all personalized tems from Etsy, and some general items via Amazon.

Do it together. Identify 5 things that are most important to you to have at the wedding and don’t waste time on lesser items that are easily forgotten, like party favors.

Salmon, Steak, Chicken and Ratatouille

Coleccionista de Canciones From Camila was our first dance. Yo primero la ame From Gilberto Gless was the father daughter dance. La Bilirrubina from Juan Luis Guerra was the mother son dance.