I am thrilled to share Kaitlin and Dan’s Inn on Boltwood Wedding photos! Their wedding day was completely amazing.

Let’s hear about Kaitlin and Dan’s Inn on Boltwood Wedding and take a look at sneak peek of their photos.

July 09, 2022

Dan and I met almost 12 years ago on Halloween night of 2010. We were both young, college freshmen. He was dressed as a scottish golfer and I as a biker chick. I remember very vividly calling my sister the day after we met and said, “I just met the most incredible guy, but I wish I met him when I was 25. He’s special. Like – I think I could marry this guy…” And here we are!

This was a hard one to choose, there were so many to pick from. Honestly though, the most meaningful moment was the one we shared together, alone, right after the ceremony ended. After the anticipation leading up to the wedding itself, the tumult of all of the day’s preparation, and the excitement of the ceremony itself, we had the opportunity to slip away and spend the first few minutes of our marriage together tucked away from the crowd. It was special.

Almost 12 years!

It was such a beautiful day. The weather was perfect and it was so special to have the people we love most in this world gather together in a place that is so meaningful to us. It truly felt like the culmination of 12 years of love and growth. Sure, there was a lot of planning and some inevitable stress leading up to it, but the day was well worth it!

Manage your stress. It is a marathon, not a sprint. It often feels like there are a million little details you have to worry about, and you put extra pressure on yourself trying to create a beautiful experience for everyone else. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the people you love and care about most are all together to celebrate with you. Make sure you hire vendors who you can trust, and be willing to delegate. They are there to help.

Pace yourself – understand that there will be hundreds of photos throughout the day (more if you are the bride and doing portraits!) Feel as confident as you can – love your dress, hair, makeup, etc! And…trust Greg!!! He might tell you to move your chin an inch to the left, put your shoulders back, try a different location with better lighting, etc….and it will all be worth it!

I always knew I would “say yes” to the dress at Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC. They have the largest collection of gowns in the world, and my sister had an incredible experience there before me. I knew I wanted a vintage inspired square neckline, fitted, with a low back and beading. I ended up choosing the Martina Liana Luxe Style #LE1106. It came down to this dress and a Jane Hill dress, but what ultimately made me choose was the difference in the backs. While both hit all of criteria, it was the incredible back on the Martina Liana dress that did it. The illusion back with a floating organic lace edge and the scalloped teardrop train were so unique and I was in love!

Greg (and his assistant) were incredibly calm and professional. I felt completely comfortable with him and trusted his direction in terms of where to take photos and how to position myself. He was very familiar with our venue and knew exactly how to time each location for optimal lighting and angles. When you’re taking hundreds of photos, you inevitably start to wonder how they are looking, and Greg was totally fine with showing me some on his camera as we went along, which made me super excited!

We did! I was so excited to do a first look, and wanted to take photos before the ceremony when my makeup and hair was at it’s peak! I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It allowed us to pace the photos and really enjoy the experience. We also had the opportunity to go to Amherst College after the ceremony to take photos on campus, as we are both alumni and met there. The campus is beautiful and Greg knew the lighting would be best at the time we went…and he was right!

The weather! Both our ceremony and reception were slated to take place outdoors. As the day approached, there was a chance of rain on the days leading up to our wedding. We were worried it would carry into our actual wedding day. But it did not! No amount of anxiety we had was going to change the outcome. It all works out the way it should :-)

Go slow, and do your best to enjoy the planning process. Trust your vendors! Hire people that seem competent, you are comfortable with, and are communicative. They are such an important part of the day coming together and running smoothly.

First dance song: “Nothing Can Change This Love” by Sam Cooke Father-daughter dance: “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

Wedding Professionals that helped make their day a success.

Videographer: Clear Vision Videography, https://clearvisionvideography.com/
Florist: Rebecca Fitzgerald, forgetmenotfloristnoho@verizon.net, https://forgetmenotfloristnoho.com/
Cake Artist: Alice Lombardi, Beancounterbakery@verizon.net, www.beancounterbakery.com
DJ/Band: DJ Jasper from SIAGEL PRODUCTIONS INC., Michael@siagel.com, www.Siagel.com
Make up Artist: Mackenzie Parent, (508) 656-0363, mack@madebymackhmua.com
Hair Artist: Mackenzie Parent, (508) 656-0363, mack@madebymackhmua.com
Other Vendors: Rabbi Howard Jaffe,