I am so thrilled to bring you a spectacular Delaney House Wedding. Gaby and William were wonderful to work with through the planning all the way to the wedding day!

Let’s hear about Gaby and William’s wedding from the two of them.

At a restaurant in Boston.

In front of the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve while listening to Christmas music.

His: During the last hour when most people were gone, we danced alone to the songs that we had dedicated to each other. Hers: Taking the sunset pictures

5 Years


Relax. It’s never going to be EXACTLY perfect, but that’s what makes it perfect… the small imperfections.

Hire Greg Moss!!!!

The dress was custom made by a 90 year old woman in Venezuela. She was the same person who made the bride’s mother’s wedding dress many moons ago.

Oh… you were there??? We barely noticed. You were almost invisible as you worked meticulously, before & throughout the event. We literally could not be happier with the experience you provided.

We did not and although it may be easier to take care of pictures before the ceremony, we are happy with our decision to follow tradition on this specific question.

As the Beatles once said, “Act naturally”

The wedding party was great. They knew that we were in a time crunch as we had to leave the venue to take the sunset photos. My son, one of the groomsman, had the car waiting. I think that if you tell them ahead of time, they will be willing to do whatever’s necessary.

Bring whatever you need, but be sure to have everything organized ahead of time so there’s no last-minute scrambling.

We had a great officiant & DJ… The photographer wasn’t half bad either!! lol.
Father Angel Marrero was our officiant. He is bilingual and did an amazing job integrating both languages and cultures into the ceremony.
Everyone commented on how awesome the priest was!
Gino Raimondi from Wicked Good Entertainment was our D.J. He was fantastic. D.J. Gino was extremely easy to work with. He is very organized, professional and an excellent D.J.

Heavenly Inspirations in Ludlow, MA is where we got our flowers. I can;’t even begin to tell you how many compliments we got on the flowers. The owner, Ted, worked very hard to get us the very best prices available. He spent much time and energy on this project in order to keep us within our budget.

The weather was a huge factor. It’s always a gamble to have an event held outdoors. We got very lucky as it rained the days before and the days after.

No one’s going to remember or even notice anything that isn’t exactly as planned. Just enjoy the day and roll with it.

Husband / Wife – !000 years by Christina Perry Father / Daughter – Hija Mia by Abraham Velasquez Mother / Son – Bridge Over Troubled Water – by Simon and Garfunkel
Now let’s see a sneak peek of their Delaney House wedding photos!