It was a beautiful wedding day for Erin and Geoff! The wedding location has such a cute feel to it.  Erin looked just beautiful in her wedding dress.

I love wedding photography and being part of a couples special day! Erin and Geoff’s wedding had so many special moments, from the Geoff giving Brayden a skateboard that he promised to teach him how to use, to the best man’s (Eric)  toast and of course Erin’s son Brayden dancing gangnam style near the end of the night. I also loved that Erin and Geoff wanted to walk out on the wobbly dock and get a portrait out on the water. It was definitely a shaky walk out to the edge of the dock and I could tell by  the look on Michelle’s (my assistant) face she was at least a little nervous. In hind sight, even though my light did not drop into the water, it would have been a good idea to check that it was secure before I had Michelle hold it out over the water to get the right lighting on Erin and Geoff.

The Reception was at the Century house not too far from camp where the ceremony was held. I always appreciate it when the couple will sneak out of the reception for about 10 minutes to get a few sunset photos. This also gives them a few minutes away from all the action to decompress.

Well enough of me,  let’s see some photos.

Bridal portait

Beautiful portrait

Western Mass wedding photography

Bride and Son

Outdoor groom portrait

Looking good

Bride and Groom outdoor portrait on the water

On the Water

Bride and groom in the limo

Off to the reception

Sunset Bride and Groom silhouette

Almost looks like a heart

Outdoor sunset bride and groom portrait.

Reception photo

Mother and Son Dance