Brittany and Nate’s Red Barn Wedding on June 14, 2019.

I am so excited to bring you Brittany and Nate’s sneak peek blog post from their Red Barn Wedding.

Let’s hear about all the details of their wedding.

Nate and Brittany met through their mutual friend and bridesmaid Krystle! When Nate graduated, he was living in the same apartment as Krystle. Nate and Brittany began to see each other more both inside and outside of work. They decided to give it a shot, and after a first kiss on New Year’s Eve in 2015, started dating on March 14, 2015. For those of you that aren’t huge nerds like the bride and groom, March 14th 2015 is also known as Pi day, since the number Pi starts out 3.1415.

Fast forward Pi years…Nate and Brittany were headed to the Adirondacks for a weekend trip. After a not so easy hike up Mount Jo, Nate and Brittany stopped at Heart Lake to rest and take a couple pictures. As the timer was counting down, Nate got down on one knee and asked Brittany to marry him. Of course she said yes!

Our first look was amazing – we were so happy we did a first look. Brittany also loved walking down the aisle with her father, she has never seen him so emotional! Taking some time during dinner to look around at everyone who was there to support us was the ultimate dinner date! We roasted our bridal party (in a fun way!), so having the bridal party hear what we had written about them right before walking in was extremely fun. We also started duel conga lines with each the bride and groom starting a conga line – it was a really fun way to get everyone laughing and having fun before the dancing began. Our first dance was also one of our favorite moments, as we had been taking a few lessons and it came out perfectly!

Perfect! Everything seemed to go extremely smooth, all of the vendors were wonderful, and really helped us to have the best day of our lives!

Ask as many questions of your vendors as you can, and make sure they fully understand your expectations. Don’t be afraid to communicate! Also, something we didn’t think of was what happens after the wedding. Whether you want to preserve any flowers, or take a mini vacation, make sure you take some time for yourselves after the big day as well!

Get used to spending some time holding awkwardly close positions with people watching :)

I found my dress at a place called “Bride and Gown” in Glens Falls, NY. I went shopping with my mom about 5 times before this time, and I had never seen a dress like it. I originally left without buying the gown, but couldn’t stop thinking about it all day – the first time that had happened to me during my entire dress shopping experience! After lunch, I went back with my mother and bought my dress!

It was absolutely fantastic! We had specific posed photos we wanted and after Greg got those and some photos of the bridal party and just us, he blended into the crowd! We have been to some weddings where the photographers were very in the guests faces, or were extremely pushy, but that NEVER happened! He even gave us a sneak peak of some of them on his camera after he took them so we could see how great they were turning out!

We did a first look, and we are so happy we did! It allowed us some time to take pictures before the ceremony, so that we could enjoy our cocktail hour! We still had a private moment, as Nate was waiting with his back towards me away from everyone, so that I could approach and we could spend a few moments with just us before our family joined in for photos.

Make sure you spend some time listing any photos you absolutely need during the wedding day so that the photographer can make sure they get them!

Our bridal party was so helpful! I think the biggest thing was they just helped out the vendors as much as they could to make sure they got the perfect photographs. If your bridal party is patient and goes with the flow, that helps!

Make sure you have all of your keepsakes you want to be photographed in one place, and comfy shoes!

Amanda Brown Ceremonies Amanda wrote the most beautiful ceremony we have ever heard! It was really unique to us and our story
Red Barn at Hampshire College Such a beautiful location, and the staff is so helpful! We were not stressed out at all during our wedding, they handled timing of everything as well as set-up of our decor!
Smile Lounge Interactive  This photobooth is so much fun! Janelle and her husband run the booth, and they are both so wonderful. Their props are so fun, and they instantly print a photo for each person who is in the photo for them to take. Nate and I get a copy of each photo in both print and digital form as well!
Absolute Entertainment (DJ/ Greg made sure that our dance floor was full the entire night and played to the crowd. He was a great MC and made sure that everyone knew when moments were happening! He also gave a lot of suggestions for songs for when you are struggling planning, and his online tools make it super easy!
Pro Radiance Artistry The makeup and hair styling was fantastic! It was great to just book one company to do it all! Everyone just brought a photo of what they wanted and they made it happen!

We were so nervous for both the weather, and seeing everything come together. We had not seen all of our linen and bridesmaid dress/groomsmen tie colors together before the day of the wedding, and they all worked so well together! The weather even held out so we could have a beautiful ceremony outside!

Make sure you have fun, and don’t sweat the small stuff! Things can really get hectic and stressful, especially as the day gets closer, but remember the important part – the fact that it’s just you and your significant other getting married!
Now let’s take a look at their sneak peek!