Outdoor look park engagement photography

This was a incredibly fun engagement session last June at Look Park in Northampton. What a Beautiful day and a gorgeous couple!

I love look park for engagement photography, it has great light, shadows and beautiful lakes and streams!


Here is some of the details on our engaged couple.

We were actually set up on a blind date by a few relatives.
Walking Black and White engagement photography

June 05, 2014

5 years
Black and White engagement photography

I was invited to my cousins house to hang out with my sister and cousin. Upon arrival ( Just got out of work at 10pm) I was blindfolded, and takin by car for a surprise. It seemed as though we were riding around forever and I was convinced that we were driving around in circles! Finally the car stopped and I was thrown out of the car on a dark beach. My sister and cousin ran off giggling and jumped in the car and ran away. At this point I was so freaked out. I pulled the blind fold off and Erick was down on the beach with candles everywhere! I started walking towards him and realized the candles spelled out “will you marry me?” When I reached him I was nervously laughing and he was so still with a very serious expression on his face. And he got down on one knee and asked me. I was in such shock I forgot to answer at first. But of course I said “yes”.
Engagement photography, outside on trial

you must be crazy:)
Engagement Black and White kissing engagement photography

The romantic setup that Erick took the time to put together. There we’re sooooo many candles!
Engagement photography by the water

The ring consists of a center radiant cut diamond in a rectangular shape just over a carat. There is also one quarter carat round diamonds on each side with a custom made white gold setting.
Black and White engagement photography by the lake

Greg recommended this location and it turned out great. We were able to get different types of pictures with beautiful backgrounds at one location.
Willow lake engagement photography Romantic engagement photography Summer engagement photography Black and white engagement photography look park

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