I am so happy to share Lisa and Jarred’s sneak peek wedding blog! Make sure to scroll to the end to see how we finished the day.

Let’s hear about the wedding from Lisa.

October 24, 2020

Jarred and I met in 2006 when I moved across the street from him. We talked a few times but not much. In 2012 we hung out and went tanning together. I thought he was gay! We talked here and there for a while but just as friends. While Jarred was deployed in 2016 to Iraq we talked. One later October night he video chatted me and we both were all smiles. We talked for a while before his shift started and he needed to let me go. In April of 2017 he came home and asked me to hang out. I agreed to meeting him at a shopping mall. We ended up eating at friendlys and just talking. By the end of that April day in 2017 we were holding hands. We believe our heart connected on the video chat in October but we were unaware of it.

We went to the Mohawk trail one evening to see all the leaves and have dinner. At a stop along the way on hairpin turn we pulled over to view the city below. That’s when he got down on one knee and asked me.

All of it. Even though we didn’t have a lot of people and it was all over the place we loved it.

3.5 years


Don’t go crazy planning and trying to get it all done. No one will know what you didnt get done except you. Just enjoy the experience with your partner.

Have a few props set up that you can take photos on/with. We had some already set up for them around our yard and it seemed to help us get through photos with ease.

I got it at David’s bridal. I had originally picked a different dress but they ordered it too big. When I went back to show them how big it was I found another dress. I tried it on and knew the first dress wasn’t my dress, this one was.

Great. Jarred and I can not thank you enough for being so friendly! You and your assistant were amazing. We are thankful you guys knew how to tie ties!

We saw each other before we got ready. After that we stayed away from each other. I wanted him to be surprised when I walked down to meet him.

The beer guy- beer truck, South Hadley, Ma

Lattitude 850 degree pizza trailer- West Springfield, Ma 

DJ Shaun Duffy-K and D entertainment

Party patrol- tents chairs tables and dance floors

Everything going smoothly
Now let’s check out a sneak peek of their backyard wedding photos.

Enjoy it and just go over board planning. It’s going to be magical no matter what or how much you plan.

Brick oven pizza

Mr and Mrs- say you won’t let go by James Arthur Father daughter- My little girl by Tim McGraw Mother son- My wish by Rascal Flatts Stepdaughter father- butterfly kisses by bob carlisle