The Log Cabin Weddings in Holyoke Massachusetts with amazing views and photography.


Weddings at The Log Cabin are always amazing with spectacular views and incredible sunsets. Photographing weddings at the Log Cabin is a really a delight  from the well prepared  tasty food to the incredibly friendly staff. One of the perfect traits of The Log Cabin in Holyoke is how they designed there ceremony site. Not only does it slope slightly from front to back so it is somewhat like Stadium seating but the ceremony site is also facing the valley where the sunsets right behind the bride and groom as they are getting married.

Log Cabin Weddings - Holyoke Massachusetts


 Okay so if the outdoor view with the sunsets, view of the valley and fireplace is not enough, the ballroom is beautiful. There are many wedding venues in Western Massachusetts with nice outdoor locations but the rain options are not great. It may be a run down ballroom space with no ambiance or just not pleasant decor at all. The Log Cabin Wedding (ceremony) back up is a beautiful ballroom with large windows and a view of the valley.

Log Cabin Weddings - Holyoke Massachusetts

What’s better  still is the Log Cabin Staff will wait about an hour before the ceremony to decide whether or not to change the ceremony to inside. In my many years of working in the hospitality industry I would have to say The Log Cabin is being very flexible and showing their top notch customer service.

[testimonial author=”Melanie” occupation=”” organization=”” image=”” testimoni=”Greg and his assistant were the PERFECT wedding photographers. Not only were they the nicest people on earth, they are great at what they do. I do not remember seeing them at all during the wedding but the pictures they took throughout the night were stunning! They were not obtrusive and blended seamlessly into the background.” ]

 The Log Cabin is located on the top of Mount Tom which assists with the beautiful views for your wedding ceremony. They can handle small intimate weddings or parties up to 400 plus. There incredibly  talented chef always ensures that your amazing wedding experience continues as it becomes time for the cocktail hour and dinner. Being a former chef I am critical of the food I am served and I always enjoy the meals at The Log Cabin Weddings.


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